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Are you ready to declare your independence?

What is the proper role of government? Is it to tell you what you can and cannot do – or is it to protect your right to live your life as you choose, so long as your choices do not prevent others from living as they choose?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer.

Unfortunately, our elected leaders – Republicans and Democrats – have forgotten what government’s proper role is.

And yes, here in Utah that mostly means Republicans. They’ve had a majority in the state legislature since 1967 – so if there’s anything at all you think is wrong, there isn’t anyone else to blame it on.

We need a different approach. But both the big parties are so attached to special interest money that they cannot and will not act in the best interest of individuals.

Some people have tried to change the parties from within. They haven’t met with much success. There’s little reason to believe they will, especially as long as those parties’ candidates continue to be elected.

Utah needs an articulate voice outside the party system to challenge the status quo.

Ronald Reagan famously asked, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago.” That’s a good question, but the late Harry Browne, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, asked an even better one: “Are you as well off as you could be?”¬† If your answer is no – and it can’t be anything else for the vast majority of Americans – and if you can point to even one thing that the Utah state government does that is an impediment to you achieving all you could achieve, then the answer is clear.

We need to get back on the right path.

I will fight to get government out of your way. I will fight to reduce taxes by getting rid of wasteful government activities. I will fight to prevent state funding of projects that should be paid for at the local level, if they are funded at all – like the proposed multi-million dollar hotel for downtown Salt Lake City. I will fight for your right to know everything your government is doing – secrecy in government is unacceptable in any form.

The key to economic recovery, and the key to our future, is not in having the government do more. It is in letting our creative minds free. Prosperity flourishes in liberty.




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